Ovum Donor / Surrogacy Sourcing Services

If you have been evaluated by an IVF expert and found to require donors or surrogates to achieve conception, RAJVIC CLINCICAL SERVICES is rightly positioned to help you with this requirement. We will source for the most suitable donor/surrogate from our pool of donors/surrogate so that you can achieve desire to have a baby within the shortest time frame.


Ovum donation, commonly referred to as egg donation, is a programme that provides egg donors for women (recipients) who are unable to become pregnant using their own eggs. Donated eggs are mixed with sperm from the recipient’s partner for fertilization and embryo development.

Our company has a donor bank for clients that require donated eggs for in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. We offer a variety of donors who have undergone comprehensive medical, genetic and Physical screening such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C testing. Equally, important and well-detailed family history is obtained to eliminate any illnesses or family-oriented psychological disorders.

Our donors are normally young women between the ages of 21 – 34 years of age. While allocating donors, we put into consideration, the physical characteristics of the couple and we accept any special request.


We offer surrogacy services to women who have had repeated IVF failures, any health issues that are contra indicated to carrying a pregnancy. Our surrogates are gestational carriers and are women who are between the ages of 24-38 years of age.

They could be in a married relationship or single. They  have had a child or two of their own so they don’t form attachments. They go through extensive medical testing to exclude any medical condition or disease that could compromise the outcome of the pregnancy in achieving a healthy new born. They also undergo rigorous psychological evaluation and counselling by our medical professionals.

To find out if Egg Donation is right for you, come on and schedule a free initial consultation with Us. During this, we will talk about you and determine how you can support couples in achieving their life fertility goals.

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