Become a Donor

If you are a healthy woman under 34 years of age, you can help other couples (who cannot achieve pregnancy using their own eggs) by becoming an egg donor. To start the egg donation process, you will need to have recently done tests for HIV 1 &  2, Hepatitis B & C, VDRL and genotype which should be AA. You will then be seen by our fertility specialists.

During the first visit, your health history is mapped and you will be given a gynecological examination. Your eligibility as a donor will also be assessed from a medical perspective. The course of treatment and the risks associated with it will also be explained to you in detail.

As a potential donor, you will also undergo psychological evaluation, you will be tested again for HIV, hepatitis and the common sexually transmitted diseases. Once you qualify, you will be given hormonal drugs in injectable form. Your treatment should end in 5weeks depending on your response.

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