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RAJVIC CLINICAL SERVICES is a consultancy business REGISTERED UNDER THE CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION, REG NO.BN 2126465, with a strong focus on providing strategic support for institutions involved in Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) practices in Nigeria. With our long years of experience and expertise in ART, we work to add value to the growth of ART. With attendant misconceptions about ART by the general public prevailing in the country, our role also is to direct and educate couple on the best services and options that are available to them in achieving their desire in having their own babies. We undertake on-site training of Nurse-staff on the use of ultrasound scanners and related procedural activities. Our training programme extensively covers aspects of Customer Service, fertility drugs, acquisition, procurement of laboratory media and equipment and every other IVF related needs. In addition to these, we operate as tourism expert to facilitate the process of medical tourism especially for women who have had successful IVF treatment and wish to have their babies abroad under specialized care.


RAJVIC CLINICAL SERVICES is a professionally driven business that has as its core values as:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality and
  • Quality service delivery.



Racheal EDAWRD ABU is a registered Nurse/Midwife. She had her Nursing training at the schools of nursing and midwifery Makurdi, Benue state from 1989 [...]

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